• Building a meaningful marital relationship

    10 May 2021 by

    Building a life of togetherness can be fun or an exhausting battle. To reduce conflict and ease into togetherness, it’s important to have open communication and create a shared understanding of values. Read More The article first appeared in The Daily Guardian, 10 May 2021, Page 4

  • How to bridge the gap with your loved one

    12 Apr 2021 by

    Have you ever wondered, if the basic qualities and emotional connection you seek from your partner is similar to what they’re expecting from you, then why do you both continue to struggle to meet each other’s needs?  The simple answer is that there’s a crucial distinction between talking about our needs and relating to them.… Read more

  • Critical skills children must learn for their growth and well-being

    29 Mar 2021 by

    Common complaints against children: Give up too easily; get bored quickly; are adamant and stubborn; lack of inner discipline; live in their imaginary world; throw temper tantrum to get what they want; have more power than they deserve; always stay online and play games. Children deal with their daily challenges in the only way they… Read more

  • Let’s talk

    15 Mar 2021 by

    Talking helps! Often, we have felt a huge sense of relief after confiding in a close friend or family member about our struggles. We feel safe to express our emotions openly. We feel heard and understood. We also find ourselves being open to listening, accepting and negotiating a way forward based on these interactions. Having… Read more

  • Childhood sexual abuse affects adult well-being in multiple ways

    10 Mar 2021 by

    Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a traumatic experience. The effects of this trauma get amplified by the severity of the trauma experienced, closeness to the abuser, duration of the abuse and more importantly, how people they shared this information with reacted to it. Read More The article was first published in The Daily Guardian on… Read more

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