• Pregnancy loss is a harsh and painful experience

    23 Feb 2021 by

    Planned or unplanned, the birth of a child is a significant event in a couple’s life. Even when one seeks to terminate a pregnancy (for whatever reason), either you find yourself struggling to make that decision or stopping yourself from thinking too much. Yet when the loss happens unexpectedly and especially when you had been… Read more

  • How technology will shape the future of design in India?

    1 Feb 2021 by

    Design, a powerful business driver Post pandemic, the need is to design occupied spaces with more focus on individual experiences, social distancing, technological advances and innovations, health, safety and security. Similarly, client expectation of finished products and spaces have also changed. This means challenging traditional design narratives and requires architects, urban space planners, interior designers, communication… Read more

  • Preparing for Marriage

    28 Jan 2021 by

    Marriage is a life decision where contradictory emotions like excitement, anticipation, anxiety, fear, nervousness, and happiness co-exist. While couples spend much time getting to know one another and planning their wedding, most often they fail to prepare for life thereafter. A couple is two unique individuals with their personal understanding and appreciation of life, emotional… Read more

  • When to tell your children they are adopted?

    22 Dec 2020 by

    The struggle and inability to have a child is by itself an exhausting experience. Society in its garb of showing concern makes it more painful. Yet, over the years a significant number of couples and individuals have opted to adopt. Often, their biggest challenge is the disclosure of adoption.  • Is it necessary to share… Read more

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