Managing the Business of Fashion requires a different kind of creativity, skill set and dynamic mindset

Every fashion label begins under the aegis of a designer who creatively develops their personal patterns, designs and style that sets them apart. With recognition and growth stems the need to establish a brandname. The first step towards building a brandname is to setup a profitable and sustainable business which requires a completely different mindset and a lot more than just creative talent. Professionally trained fashion business managers provide the necessary expertise for this business development and growth.

The world of Fashion is changing rapidly. People are buying differently, the process of manufacturing and selling are changing too thereby influencing the way fashion designers are designing. Fashion managers become sought after professionals when they’re able to use their expertise to leverage changing consumer habits and keep up with this fast-paced world.

The post-graduation programme in Fashion Business Management (FBM) at the Indian Institute of Art & Design is an essential prerequisite to arm yourself with the vision, management training and expertise to succeed in the world of fashion. More importantly, their training meets the basic requirement of the industry, i.e., for trained professionals who can hit the ground running on the very first day at their job!

To know more, read on.

The Business of Fashion was first published on the IIAD Blog on 30 January 2019 / Was a featured post on Indiblogger on 1 February 2019 and became the Top Post on Indiblogger on 2 February 2019)

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