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The Funny Bunny Quotes

Smiling, I hugged her tight…I just remembered…returning from playschool one sunny day putting a tiny hand on her head she had said ‘my brain is hot!’ When the aunt next door asked, when does summer vacations start, she replied nonchalantly, ‘when summer starts!’ Teaching her capital and cursive letters became easy as the realisation dawned, ‘capital is mumma and cursive is baby!’ Was chatting with the husband about mother-in-law when she called and I said ‘talk of the devil and the devil appears’ only to hear a tiny voice annoyingly say, ‘that’s amu, she is not a devil!’ Yikes 🙂

(The Funny Bunny Quotes, this #100wordstory was first published in Momspresso on 18 June 2018)

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