I write therefore I am

A Prayer

Yet another gang rape in the country’s capital!

I choked as I read the newspaper this morning. I feared for my daughter and her well being.

She’s a lovely child who smiles at every person who talks to her – from the maids, gardener, security staff in the building to random strangers she might meet in the bank, at a market or mall. Everyone likes her because she’s a friendly child and smiles at the world.

I fear for her.

I want to protect her from being physically and mentally harmed. I don’t want her to be afraid of walking alone. I don’t want her to hurt because she believes everyone is as good and caring. I don’t want her to be violated by a random stranger or someone she might know.

I fear for her.

I dread the day she’ll go out of the house alone. I pray I can learn to let go so she can experience the world on her own, at her own pace. I want to be the wind beneath her wings so she can reach for the stars. Any time she faces a difficulty I want her to keep the faith.

I fear for her.

I pray to be strong for her. I want to love her unconditionally, always. I want to be a good guide and friend whom she can depend on – one with whom she can be open about her feelings and opinion about friends, family, life. I want the courage to listen to her and accept her views. I want to respect her privacy. I pray that she never looses her trust in me. I want her to know, I will always be there for her, through thick and thin.

I fear for her.

I pray that I can keep her safe. I pray that my worry about the big bad world will not stifle her. I don’t want to overprotect her but need her to understand that life’s not fair and want her to be ready to accept that. I pray that I can explain this to her with all fairness. I want to instill in her the willingness to give love a second chance, always. And, I also want her to have the courage to let go.

I fear for her.

I want to be the rock she can hold on to when life lashes out at her. And amidst all the chaos, ruthlessness, sadness or hardship she might come across, I want to be her strength to seek out the silver lining. I want her to believe she can make a difference. I want her to know she is special.

I fear for her.

And I pray hard that in life when she has the choice to sit it out or dance, she has the courage to dance.  

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