Mixed Up


19 October 2011

What’s holding me back? Why am I stalling? Why am I dragging my feet when I should be in a hurry to make things right…is it because a part of me feels what’s the use? Things will change again…I will have to remould myself…then what’s the point of trying…what will it matter…will it have any impact if people think badly of me…

I don’t know…I do believe perhaps that is the reason why I’m too playing into their hands to set me up to fail. Gosh, it’s crazy. I’m a lot more stronger I thought then why, why am I letting them win? It truly will have no impact on anyone except me…only I will be hurt in the long run…it won’t matter to anyone else…the only thing I will be doing is giving them something to bitch about…to gossip…discuss my inabilities…

There will be no one to make it right. The only person who can is me…and I’m stalling…

2 thoughts on “Stalling”

  1. Dear Rwituja,

    Wow, you write a lot of content. Love it & really like your blog…

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    As always,



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